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Our Top Recommendation
Top Quality Fire Extinguishers

All the Fire Safety Equipment and resources you will ever need in the one place. Whether you are looking for home fire safety equipment or office fir safety equipment then look no further then these safety assured and well respected fire extinguisher brands. From the domestic to the commercial buyer you will find what you need. Trust us - you need look no further!

Also Recommended
Emergency Response Guidebook: A Guidebook for First Responders during the Initial Phase of a Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Transportation Incident

This book focuses on what first responders should do when responding to the initial phase of dangerous or hazardous material transportation incidents. The book was published by the U.S. Department of Transportation and is meant for trained first responders. The book helps responders to learn how to identify symbols for vehicles carrying flammable, radioactive, explosive and other harmful items. It answers a variety of different questions like what is the difference between natural gas pipelines and natural gas distribution pipelines. It explains how to handle an overturned vehicle that is leaking hazardous materials. This is considered a good book that first responders should carry with them at all times.

Also Recommended
Managing Crises: Responses To Large-Scale Emergencies

This book covers floods to fires, terrorist attacks, tornadoes to hurricanes and various government agencies effectiveness when it comes to responding to unfolding dangers and disasters. It includes how agencies should prepare for significant emergencies. It also includes how agencies should plan for emergencies, resourcing, building skills and executing the plans. It also discusses some flawed responses by agencies such as Hurricane Katrina and the Los Angeles riots. Good book for those who are employed in different agencies that have to deal with the threat of possible emergencies and disasters.

Also Recommended
Emergency Response Management for Athletic Trainers

This book was written for existing athletic trainers and students. It is a comprehensive textbook and teaches students and instructers how to quickly and very effectively assess an injury and to manage it. Some of the injuries covered are traumatic injuries, circulatory problems, respiratory problems as well as sudden illness. Each chapter has a combination of theory and practical along with a hands on guide.

Also Recommended
Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers

Emergency response planning is very important to corporate and municipal managers and this book sets out to help readers understand the importance for all federal, state and local governments to have plans in place in case of major emergencies or threats. It is broken down into three different sections. The book helps managers develop and implement Emergency Plans, it provides recommendations for temporary and permanent emergency response personnel and more. Highly recommended book for all those in management.

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